9 classy and practical ways to wear a sun hat

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It’s 32º today here in Sydney and although it’s been mostly thunderstorms so far, it looks like summer is finally here. Hooray! Time to bring out the wide brim floppy straw sun hat.

What I love about summer

  • Bright, fun colours
  • Playful prints
  • Floral floral floral
  • Flowy, light materials
  • Flirty cuts & necklines
  • Birkenstocks & slip-on shoes

What I hate about summer

  • Sun damage to your skin
  • Having to wear sunscreen (be careful not to get it on your clothes)
  • Sweat sweat sweat

This is why the floppy straw hat (if it isn’t already) will be your new best friend this summer.

The sun is especially harsh in Australia so it’s important to stay sun safe. If it wasn’t for Winnie, I would probably spend more time indoors just to escape the sun but that’s no life to live.

I like to walk him in the evenings when it’s cooled down but even then, it can still be sunny with sunset occurring much later than usual.

For this reason, I’ve been on the lookout for a wide brim sun hat and finally found the perfect summer hat.

Sizing and details

The sun hat I have here is 100% raffia and from Country Road. This wide wire brim is available in S, M, L.

It’s frustrating because whenever I go to try on a sun hat, it’s always too big and although I got the S, I still had to make it smaller.

If you have this same problem, you can follow my easy tutorial here on how to make your hat smaller.

While shopping for my summer hat, I learned that most quality “straw” hats are actually made of raffia, which is a different material to straw.

Raffia has a natural resin in its leaves, making it more pliable, resilient and slightly waterproof compared to straw.

I love that it’s wired around the periphery so that it’ll always maintain its structure. I also like the fedora style which adds a bit of height and structure.

Below, I share some ideas with 9 different outfits on how you can style your wide brim sun hat to stay sun safe this summer.

Monochromatic outfits

The little white dress

As someone who is not accustomed to wearing wide brim hats, I found this sun hat difficult to style.

So I began with classic and simple pieces such as the little white dress.

Wide brim floppy straw sun hat paired with white v-neck mini dress
White V-neck mini dress from Zara. Arizona narrow birkenstock in mocca.

Shirt dress

The shirt dress is another classic piece that is very easy to style. You can wear any kind of bold accessory with this type of dress.

Charcoal shirt dress from Kookai. Arizona narrow birkenstock in mocca.


What I’ve concluded is that sun hats go well with anything girly and feminine.

Think pink, ruffles, light materials and a flirty show of skin.

Off-the-shoulder pink blouse from SheIn. Pink cropped culottes from YesStyle. Shubar white leather sandal from Hype DC.

Floral prints

Maxi dresses

As a summer staple, it’s obvious that sun hats pair well with anything summery.

Think floral dresses and flowy cuts. Anything light in colour and material weight.

You’re basically seeing my whole summer wardrobe here.

My favourite floral maxi wrap dress from SheIn.

I’ve kept the jewellery and footwear very simple or even non-existent for maxi dress outfits, just because I love the carefree look of bare feet in a maxi dress.

But of course, I wear shoes when I go out and I like to pair them with Havaianas or Birkenstocks.

New romantics maxi dress in caviar from Gingham and Heels.


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Long sleeve mini dress

If you feel like it’s too much to wear a bold maxi dress with such a bold accessory, you can try the little sister version, the long sleeve mini dress, or even shorten your maxi dress with safety pins.

I love long sleeves because they provide some protection for your arms, although beware of sheer materials as you’ll still want to apply sunscreen to fully protect your skin underneath.

Sheer long sleeve dress in blue floral from PopCherry. Shubar white leather sandal from Hype DC.

Sheer jumpsuit

The same can be said with this sheer jumpsuit. It provides partial coverage for your legs while still being very breathable, but you’ll still need to apply sunscreen to fully protect your skin underneath.

Sage floral jumpsuit from Gingham and Heels. The hem comes as a maxi and it looks even more beautiful as a maxi but I got the hem brought up for practical reasons. Pink leather sandals from Jo Mercer.

Off-the-shoulder blouse

You can also play around with more vibrant colours but just try to tie it all together like in this example below where I’ve matched the sandals to the pink flowers in the colourful blouse…and the hat to Winnie.

Although there is no blue in the top, I find that this shade of blue can be treated as a neutral shade as it tends to go with everything.

Off-the-shoulder floral blouse from Blockout Boutique. Sky blue cropped culottes from YesStyle. Pink leather sandals from Jo Mercer.

Casual summer wear

If you’re not into wearing bold dresses or colours, you can pair the sun hat with simple summer staples, like a relaxed button down shirt and denim shorts.

Natural colours like beige, tan and navy pair effortlessly with straw.

Wide brim floppy straw sun hat paired with nude short sleeve shirt and denim shorts
Oversized button-down top from YesStyle. Denim shorts from Jay Jays. Arizona narrow birkenstock in mocca.


  • On sunny days, it’s important to stay sun safe and what better way to do so than by donning a wide brim sun hat.
  • If you’re not used to wearing this bold accessory, you can try wearing it with casual summer pieces such as a relaxed button down blouse and denim shorts.
  • It also pairs effortlessly with monochromatic outfits and classic pieces such as the little white dress and shirt dress.
  • It goes well with summer dresses, floral prints and anything girly.

I hope you’ve been inspired to wear a big sun hat this summer and stay sun safe. I’d love to know how you like to style yours in the comments section below.


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