Everlane Day Glove – Review of the ultimate minimalist shoe

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I’ve been eyeing up these minimalist Italian Leather Day Glove ballet flats from Everlane for the past few years now and finally decided buy them online after many failed attempts at searching for a similar shoe instore.

Sizing details

I got these Everlane Day Glove ballet flats in size US 6.5 / EU 37 (see FAQ for my body measurements if you wish to reference this).

Maybe I’m just a granny at heart but I find it ridiculous how most people are okay with wearing ill-fitting shoes. I am not!

So this is a big section where I go into as much detail as I can to help you with sizing.

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Buying for the perfect fit

Ballet flats are the most uncomfortable shoe in the world.

I love how they look but why are they so damn uncomfortable? Disney princesses make it look so damn easy.

Knowing how uncomfortable they are, I respect women who wear ballet flats even more than women who wear heels.

I always try to buy shoes instore or online from stores that offer free returns so that I can try them on to make sure the fit is perfect before committing to a purchase.

On that note, I just want to say…

Thank you to all the amazing online businesses that offer free returns.

As an online shopper, it makes a huge difference to the shopping experience and this phenomenal service is tremendously appreciated.

If you must buy from an online store that doesn’t offer free returns, make sure that the shop at least accepts returns and that return postage from your location is reasonable.

For Australian shoppers, you can return purchases to Everlane for AUD$12 within 45 days of ship date.

Sizing comparison to other shoes

For shoe sizing, I like to go by EU size charts as I find this system to be most consistent across brands.

I previously purchased Birkenstocks online and followed this this guide to figure out my size. I measured my foot and went with size 37 Narrow, which fit me perfectly.

For Nike shoes, I consistently wear US 7 / EU 38, keeping in mind that I wear thick socks with sneakers and like to have a bit of room to move around in for active shoes.

For Bared Footwear, I consistently wear EU 36 and I’ve only ever worn their pointy styles. They explain that pointy shoes tend to be too tight in the toe box so they made a conscious effort to make this area bigger to accommodate for this and facilitate comfort.

For all other brands, I generally wear size EU 37.

Length and width

When it comes to shoe sizing, getting the length correct is the most important factor.

All shoes are unwearable if they’re too short but you can usually get away with a little extra length.

Ballet flats however, need to be the perfect length. If they’re too long then your feet will slip out.

The good thing about the style of these Everlane Day Glove ballet flats is that there’s more coverage in the upper “instep” area so your toes are well protected and your foot is less likely to slip out.

Width is also important if you have particularly wide or narrow feet but in general, shoes made of stretchable materials such as leather can stretch out and be a bit more forgiving when it comes to width.

You can also use insoles to help fit shoes that are too wide.

Length however, needs to be correct.

Their website states that sizes US 5-6.5 run large. I did not find this to be true for US 6.5.

Some reviews state that Everlane shoes are on the narrower side and tend to run small for larger sizes but are true to size for smaller sizes.

I can’t comment on any other size but their US 6.5 / EU 37 was perfect in length for me.

Some footwear size guides suggest that the only difference between whole sizes and half sizes is that half sizes are wider but the length stays the same.

I was worried that their US 6.5 might be the same length as a US 6.

Going by their EU sizing however, their US 6 is a EU 36.5 and US 6.5 is a EU 37, which is a little confusing.

The good thing is, I went with their EU sizing and did not have any issues with the length.

I did find the Everlane Day Glove to be a narrow shoe, but I didn’t have any problems with the width as I figured I must have a narrower foot if I had to go with narrow instead of regular for my Birkenstocks.

Using insoles and height issues

I don’t have arch problems or flat feet but I like to put insoles with arch support in all my shoes that don’t come with any or have minimal arch support.

I’m not a podiatrist but I personally feel like arch support is necessary if you have arches.

These gel arch support insoles are from Daiso and I love them because they provide decent arch support while simultaneously being soft and comfortable to wear.

I also like Synxsole everyday insoles which provide firmer support and are good for more robust shoes such as boots and sneakers.

The only issue I had with the fit of the Everlane Day Glove was with the height of the shoe.

This might have something to do with this style of ballet flat having more coverage in the upper foot instep area, but the shoe is quite shallow and this area was way too tight on me.

This area became even tighter after inserting the arch support insoles.

I wedged some socks into this area between my upper foot and the shoe and wore them for a few hours on and off in my apartment to stretch it out a little.

If you wanna do this too, note that you need to be standing up and walking around to stretch your shoes out properly.

After this, it took about a week of wearing them every second day to fully stretch them out to a point that is comfortable for wearing all day long.

They are now very comfortable and truly feel like a glove, which I’m ecstatic about because I’ve given ballet flats so many chances and this is the first pair I can actually wear.

If you have the patience, I strongly recommend you read the many reviews posted on their website.

I know there’s a lot, but fit is highly personable and subjective so reading everyone’s different sizing experience can give you a much better idea for fit.

You can also directly contact Everlane for help with sizing or buy multiple sizes and return the ones that don’t fit.

There’s really no excuse for wearing ill-fitting shoes, okay guys?


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  • Get up & stretch your legs
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Colour details

What initially drew me to this shoe is the colour selection.

I was tossing up between tan, caramel and mocha.

I settled on “tan” and I would say that this colour is very visually accurate to what you see in their pictures.

I have a similar skin tone to the model in their pictures and the colour of these flats look similar on me in comparison.

For my olive complexion, “tan” is the perfect nude. It’s such a good nude that multiple people have commented that they thought I wasn’t wearing any shoes.

Scroll down or click here if you wanna see the colour of these flats on me styled with some fun outfits.

I considered taking close up photos of my feet in them, but then felt weird about the idea of close up photos of my feet floating around on the internet and decided to not…

I love the look of minimalist nude shoes as it gives the illusion of longer legs and I appreciate the clean look.

These tan Everlane Day Glove ballet flats literally go with everything.

Materials and construction

The Everlane Day Glove is made in Italy and made of a soft Italian leather that feels absolutely luxurious.

The leather is so buttery soft that you might even notice toe bumps after some wear. If this bothers you, you might want to give these flats a miss.

The shape of the toe box is round-tapered and I find this look to be very classy, which is another factor that drew me to this style.

The tapered toe style however may contribute to the narrower fit of the shoe, which is something you will want to consider if you have wider feet, particularly in the toe area.

Although the Everlane Day Glove comes with a cushioned insole, there is no arch support whatsoever.

This can easily be fixed with the insertion of some arch support insoles, which I have already discussed above.

It has a flexible rubber sole that has decent grip and feels very comfortable to walk on.

I love that the colour of the sole does not contrast with the rest of the shoe.

I’m a bit weird like that and appreciate this clean aesthetic feature..don’t even get me started on the amount of shoe styles I’ve passed due to contrasting soles.

There’s side vents that allow your feet to breathe and a back pull tab for easy wear.

Summary of Everlane Day Glove review

  • I highly rate these ballet flats and would recommend them for narrow feet.
  • I wouldn’t recommend these for wider feet.
  • Make sure you size correct for length, width and height will stretch out over time with patience.
  • You might want to give these a miss if the formation of toe bumps bother you, as the Italian leather is super soft and will just mould that well to your feet. Maybe that’s why the called it the day “glove”.
  • You might want to consider inserting insoles for more arch support as their cushioned insole is not very supportive.
  • Their colours are pretty true to what you see.
  • I love these so much that I’m considering a second pair, maybe in mocha.

The ultimate Disney princess shoe

Now for some styling ideas.

I thought it would be fun to take some inspiration from Disney princesses, seeing as ballet flats are the ultimate Disney princess shoe.

Outfit inspired by Belle, from Beauty and the Beast.

Outfit inspired by Princess Jasmine and Rapunzel.

Outfit inspired by the Sleeping Beauty, Princess Aurora.

Obviously just having a bit of fun here.

I’ll be posting some proper outfit inspiration for these minimalist ballet flats in my next post, so stay tuned!

I hope you found this review of the Everlane Day Glove useful. Feel free to leave any questions or feedback in the comments down below.


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