How to shorten a shoulder bag strap that’s too long

How to shorten a long handbag shoulder strap

This little red clutch handbag from Coach is one of my favourite purchases from Boxing Day sales 2020. It has a long detachable shoulder bag strap that allows you to wear the bag crossbody, but it was too long for me so I did a bit of DIY to make it shorter. Now I know … Read more

How to shorten your maxi dresses for new ways to wear

How to temporarily shorten your maxi dresses

I love maxi dresses but I feel like mini dresses are more in this summer. I considered chopping off some of my maxi length dresses to convert them into mini dresses but decided to pin up the hem first to see how it’ll look. This led me to realise that I don’t even need to … Read more

How to clean white shoes

How to remove black marks from white shoes

I’ve tried so many different cleaning methods, shoe cleaners and polishers to remove black marks from my Nike Air Force 1 sage low sneakers and finally found success with Orange Power – sticky spot & goo dissolver. It’s an orange solvent and in Australia, you can find this in the aisle with household cleaning products … Read more

How to make your hat smaller with 2 easy methods

DIY how to make your hat smaller

Make your hat smaller and fit snug against your head to prevent it away with this is easy tutorial. I’ve avoided buying sun hats for a long time because every hat I try always seems to be too big. Some come with ribbon or cord wrapped around the crown in a way that allows you … Read more